Mission Statement

Creating Stellar Smiles through personalized orthodontic care for children and adults.

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Teeth Whitening

Ask about the opportunity for a special price on our teeth whitening system as a finishing touch at the end of your orthodontic treatment.

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Personalized Care

The Patient Experience

Dr. Gail Lundquist-Tobias and her orthodontic team are especially interested in making the patients feel right at home! In too many offices, patients experience long waits, impersonal care, and office visits where the patient often goes without seeing the doctor.

Dr. Gail's office is different.

Working with only four patient chairs and scheduling accordingly, Dr. Lundquist-Tobias is able to spend time with each patient at their routine appointments.  To learn more, contact Creating Stellar Smiles today.

Her team has years of experience in treating orthodontic patients with the highest level of care and attention. They provide a professional, but fun-loving orthodontic experience to each patient and strive to make it a positive interaction for the parents as well.

As a small token of appreciation Dr. Gail gives each patient a keepsake photo album showing the "before" and "after" pictures of the patient's "Stellar Smile" following orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontist office Greensburg - Dr. Gail Lundquist TobiasOn average, comprehensive orthodontic treatment takes 24 months provided the patient does what they are expected to do.

What Is The Patient’s Role?

During orthodontic treatment, Dr. Gail and the patient must work together to achieve optimal results.

Patients must brush thoroughly, floss, and avoid hard, sticky foods. At the beginning of treatment, the patient is given a “goodie bag” full of all the necessary equipment to maintain good oral hygiene. Dr. Gail's staff teaches both the patient and the parent effective ways to care for teeth while in braces. Good oral hygiene is critical to avoid staining, decay and decalcification (permanent white spots) of the teeth. Dr. Gail and her staff work closely with patients to encourage good brushing and flossing habits.

Orthodontist working on teenagerAnother important role of the patient is keeping appointments.  They are generally scheduled every six weeks.  Wearing elastics (rubber bands) as instructed is also a patient responsibility. Additionally, routine visits to the family dentist should continue throughout orthodontic treatment because regular dental care and fluoridation is vital to maintaining oral health.

Patient cooperation in all these areas will culminate in a better orthodontic result.

Orthodontic Surgery?

In some cases, a tooth or several teeth may need to be removed for orthodontic treatment.  Less commonly, corrective jaw surgery is required to correct a patient's malocclusion.  Should your orthodontic issues require oral surgery, we work closely (and have for over 20 years) with some the area’s finest oral surgeons and periodontists.  Dr. Gail will provide a referral that is the most appropriate to your specific treatment plan.


How much will your orthodontic treatment cost?  This will vary, of course, depending on your exact needs and the treatment plan developed for you. 
At Creating Stellar Smiles, we work hard to make our care affordable for everyone and we offer a number of flexible payment options.
Creating Stellar Smiles participates with most major insurance companies. If we do not participate in your program, our office staff will investigate the possibility of participating with your specific plan. 
Creating Stellar Smiles does accept many credit cards and CareCredit®

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