Common Questions

Smiling teenage boy wearing bracesWho Needs Orthodontic Treatment?

Children and adults with any of the following conditions:

  • Teeth that are tipped or rotated.
  • Teeth that are too crowded.
  • Teeth that are too far apart.
  • Protruding upper or lower teeth.
  • Misalignment of jaw joints where they hinge.
  • Patients suffering from TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder).

Early warning signs in childhood that may indicate the need for orthodontic treatment include:

  • Lack of space between "baby teeth."
  • Thumb or finger sucking.
  • Overlapping or crowding of erupting permanent teeth.
  • Broken or missing teeth.
  • Difficulty in chewing.
  • Open-mouth breathing.
  • Jaws that tend to click or pop.
  • A developing underbite, overbite, or other abnormal bite development.

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What Is An Orthodontist?

Teenage girl with bracesAn orthodontist is a specialist whose practice is limited to orthodontic treatment. Orthodontists are licensed dentists who have two or three years of full-time advanced study of orthodontics beyond dental school. They acquire special skills required to manage tooth movement and understand oral/facial relations and development.

Some general dentists practice orthodontics, but these dentists are not orthodontic specialists. Before investing in braces, make sure you are working with a university trained orthodontist. Dr. Lundquist-Tobias has the training, skills, and techniques to provide every patient an individualized treatment plan to achieve the best orthodontic results possible.  Contact Creating Stellar Smiles today to learn more.

What Does An Orthodontist Do?

An orthodontist corrects malocclusions (crooked teeth that don’t fit together properly) and misalignment of the teeth and jaws. Orthodontists use braces and other orthodontic appliances to improve smiles and dental health, making children and adults look and feel better.

Orthodontics is about more than just a pretty smile. Crooked and crowded teeth are harder to keep clean, contributing to tooth decay and gum disease. Other problems that can arise are abnormal wear of tooth surfaces, excess stress on supporting bone and gum tissues, pain in the face and jaw, and even chronic headaches.

Treatment by a specialist is often less costly than the serious problems that can develop years later if dental malocclusions are left untreated.  Contact Creating Stellar Smiles today to learn more.

Does Dr. Gail See Every Patient At Every Appointment?

Office chair at Dr. Gails orthodontic office in Greensburg PAYes.  It’s that simple.  Creating Stellar Smiles offers what some call a “boutique practice,” which means you will never be treated as though you are in an orthodontic factory.  Dr. Gail sees every patient at every visit, spending the personal time that is so essential to understanding the hopes and goals of each patient with regard to their orthodontic treatment.  Contact Creating Stellar Smiles today to learn more.

Is A Referral Needed To See An Orthodontic Specialist?

Creating Stellar Smiles accepts new patients without a referral.  If you would like to learn more about orthodontic treatment and how it can help improve both smiles and oral hygiene, please contact Creating Stellar Smiles today.

Does Dr. Gail Treat Adult Patients?

Adult ortodontic patientsYes.  Up to 25% of patients at Creating Stellar Smiles are adults ranging in age from their 20s to their 60s.  More and more adults are realizing that orthodontic treatment can offer wide ranging benefits, from better oral health and dental hygiene to a pretty smile and increased self-esteem.  Contact Creating Stellar Smiles today to learn more.

Is Oral Surgery Necessary?

It is sometimes necessary to create a treatment plan to correct problems surgically, in conjunction with orthodontic treatment. Dr. Lundquist-Tobias works closely with oral surgeons providing the corrective jaw surgery. Dr. Gail will prepare the patient’s teeth leading up to surgery, and follow-up post-operatively to make certain the teeth align correctly as the patient completes their treatment. 

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Where Do Dr. Gail’s Patients Come From?

Dr. Gail's waiting roomDr. Gail serves many patients from Latrobe and Greensburg area, as well as Unity Township, Hempfield Township, and Derry Township. She also has patients that come from Jennerstown, Irwin, Mt. Pleasant, Scottdale, New Stanton, and other communities throughout Westmoreland County.

 Patients come from all around for Dr. Gail’s talent, experience, and personal touch. Many referrals are from local dentists that trust Dr. Lundquist-Tobias with their own patients. Satisfied patients and parents are also a source of many referrals. Of course, a referral is not required. Dr. Gail and her staff welcome any patient with questions about their need for orthodontic treatment. 

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Does Creating Stellar Smiles Accept Credit Cards?

Yes.  We do accept many credit cards and CareCredit®
Creating Stellar Smiles participates with most major insurance companies. If we do not participate in your program, our office staff will investigate the possibility of participating with your specific plan. 

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